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Nexsan – New E-Series V announced 2

Earlier this year in February, I wrote a post about Nexsan’s E-Series and their current firmware. This time I want to give you a short update on their latest E-Series hardware and products. I have to admit I still need to get used to the new name which is actually Nexsan powered by Imation.


This week Nexsan announced the second generation of their E-Series controllers/arrays, so I would like to give you quick update on what’s new.

Basically the E-series received the 2nd generation of storage controllers which of course offer a couple of enhancements. Both models will be available on the market and so the new series can be recognized by their new name “E-Series V”. Also the arrays got a new name, so for example new E60 is now called E60VT.

But let’s start with the enhancements of the 2nd generation of E-series V controllers.

The CPU speed has been increased by 50% and the controllers of the E48VT and E60VT arrays now support up to 16GB cache per controller. But one of the major new features is called “turbocharger” which is a PCIe based acceleration card which can be attached to the controller. This card adds additional 8 GB of RAM and an additional XOR RAID engine to speed up parity calculations which further improves throughput. This card will be an additional product and won’t be included in the E-Series by default.


More details and the latest spec & data sheets can be found here