ESXi shows false Memory Warnings / Alerts 3

It could happen that your ESXi host(s) show a „random“ memory error even if everything seems to be fine. These warnings or alerts can be caused by old log entries and need to be clear manually to fix the problem. But of course if you are not certain if this is maybe a real hardware issue, you should definitely raise an incident at the corresponding vendor and perform a hardware diagnosis.MemoryWarning

However resetting the sensors or just updating won’t help here, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Switch the view from “Sensors” to “System event log”
  2. Reset the event log
  3. Switch the view from “System event log” to “Sensors”
  4. Perform an update to check if the warning disappears
  5. If it didn’t work, try to reset the sensors and update again
  6. If this didn’t work either, login to the host and restart the management agents: restart

This fixed the problem for me and I hope it helps to save you some time.

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