My move to pernixdata plus FVP 2.0 is here! 5

As announced earlier on Twitter I’m currently in a rather short transition phase of moving away from SHE Informationstechnologie AG over to


I’ll join an awesome team at pernixdata as System Engineer to support the DACH region.

The first question that might come up why pernixdata?

I was following pernixdata and FVP right from the start because I was of the opinion that it could be really a game changer. Decoupling storage performance from capacity in a transparent way sounded really awesome. And now I’m a part of the team and I think I hit a pretty good timing. Just today we announced the GA of FVP 2.0 with a lot of new features:

  • Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM)
  • Optimize any storage device—NFS, Block storage like iSCSI, Fibre Channel, FCoE as well as local datastores (DAS)
  • Fault Domains
  • Adaptive network compression

FVP 2.0 is now also available in different editions, FVP Enterprise (including Subscription), Standard, VDI and Essentials Plus. More details can be found here. Frank already covered some of the features on his blog in more detail. So I’m not only excited about the move but also about FVP 2.0!

What about my blog?

I will definitely continue my blog but no doubt about that I’m going to cover primarily FVP as logical consequence of working with the product on a daily basis. But I also have some more cool ideas in mind which I won’t spoil at this point. I plan to continue writing in English but if you would like to see some German content or information, don’t hesitate and let me know.

VMworld 2014 – Barcelona2014NoLimits

In case you will be in Barcelona to attend VMworld 2014 make sure to stop by at our booth, I would be happy to meet you there and to provide you with some more details about FVP.


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