My name is Patrick Schulz and I live on the country side close to Kaiserslautern (also known as K’town) Germany.

I would say my profession is system engineering / pre-sales,  explaining technology and helping customers to overcome their individual challenges in the IT infrastructure space. I’m primarily a storage & virtualization enthusiast, but I’m also keen to learn new things and so I’m interested in all sorts of technologies around IT infrastructure. Especially those that can drive down complexity to make life in IT a bit easier for everyone. Lately diving into new things like containers and orchestrators like Kubernetes and automation around application deployment.

I work as a Sr. Systems Engineer covering the Baden-Wurttemberg (BaWü) region for Nutanix. So if you have any question, problems or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

However, I run this blog independently and all expressed opinions and views are my own.