Veeam v7.0 – My favorites – Transparent vCenter Backup

This post is dedicated to another minor enhancement which makes your life much easier.

As you might know, pre Veeam v7.0 if you wanted to backup your virtual vCenter server with full guest processing (I/O quiescing), you had to use some kind of a workaround to make it work.

You had to add an ESXi host via its management IP address to the Veeam inventory and then within the backup job you had to select the vCenter VMs via the host and not via the vCenter itself. With this workaround you are able to perform a consistent backup the vCenter server VM. Otherwise the job would fail because the I/O quiescing causes that the vCenter doesn’t receive the required confirmation of the snapshot creation to be able continue I/O.

Veeam described the problem in KB1051

But with Veeam v7.0 all that belongs to the past, now you can easily add your vCenter VM as any other virtual machine to a backup job, without the need of a workaround.

“Transparent backup of vCenter Server VM. The vCenter Server VM can now be backed up without having to resort to workarounds, such as adding the vCenter Server’s host by IP address and then configuring a separate job for it.”

Quote “veeam_backup_7_whats_new_en.pdf”

I simply love it 😉

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