Veeam v7.0 – Tape parallelization

Today I’ve realized that a single backup to tape job for lager environments won’t cut it. I configured a single tape job containing all regular backup jobs and this is how it turned out:


Maybe because Veeam customers (probably due to the lack of tape support in older versions) tend to deploy the solution without backup to tape or at least have used other tools to do the job.

However this customer had a full backup size of about 19 TB (Veeam .vbk files).  The job was running at 65 MB/s and it would have lasted about three and a half days to complete. Depending on the frequency this could be okay but it would also be a waste of resources because the reaming drives would be idling doing nothing.

After consulting the Veeam community forum I can summarize:

  • If you have two or more tape drives but just a single job only a single drive will be used
  • To speed things up you would need to create multiple jobs pointing to different media pools, so each job can control one of the drives
  • In essence – a single job can’t control multiple drives in parallel

So creating four media pools with identical retention policies and pointing each job to “its own” media pool would reduce the time required to less than a 24 hours.


I hope this helps to save some time and to speed of your backup to tape jobs.

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