VMworld 2013 Recap and 2014 Outlook *updated*


Last year I was one of the lucky guys which were selected to attend VMworld 2013 in San Francisco and as you can imagine I was REALLY excited. It was my first VMworld, my first visit to San Francisco and my first stay in the U.S. I guess I don’t need to mention that SF is a really awesome city which I can only recommend to everyone to stop by when you have a chance to.

The scale of the city and the event itself was breathtaking. Over 22.000 people spread across the Mascone Center and even a hotel nearby. In the morning it looked like right before a football game when people are streaming to the stadium, but it this case it was for the general sessions.

Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures of the event, so here just a bunch to get some impressions:

There were so many interesting sessions to choose from that I really struggled to build my own schedule. In the end I picked about three or max. four sessions a day. However, in case you are in doubt, there will be the chance to change your mind when on site. But be prepared if you didn’t schedule a session you have to expect a long queue of people waiting for free seats. I just scheduled technical deep dives and I enjoyed almost all of them. So it’s not just marketing, you can really benefit from those sessions for your daily job.

I can only recommend to limit the number of sessions per day, simply because it can be too much information at once and your brain will probably give up.

Make sure to spend enough time at the Solutions Exchange. The Solution Exchange was probably my favorite part. Talking to many different vendors, exploring & learning about their solutions was really interesting.

As many other attendees & bloggers already said, make yourself comfortable and don’t stress yourself too much and you will definitely enjoy the event.

It was definitely the coolest event I’ve been to so far, the combination of an awesome event in an amazing city is just fantastic. I really enjoyed every single day and no doubt that I will take every chance to attend again.


 What about 2014?

2014This year I’m going to attend VMworld 2014 in Barcelona for the very first time but not just as customer and partner but also as blogger. I’m really excited and also thankful that I get the chance to attend another VMworld event. No doubt it will also challenge myself to turn all that massive information into some blog posts. I will blog, tweet and share as much as information I can about the event.

Please don’t hesitate and let me know if you will be in Barcelona, I would be happy to meet you there!

And for those of you who are wondering what I’m looking forward this year …


My schedule will mainly focus on storage & data protection. I’m curios to hear some stories of early adaptors of VMware VSAN and how the product has evolved since its initial release. I’m optimistic to be able to have setup my first VSAN at a customer site till October, so I’m probably be able to share some experiences too.

Especially the storage market has currently so many vendors and solutions to offer that it’s hard to stay up to date and VMworld is a great opportunity to catch up with many of them. I guess that hyper converged and all flash solutions will dominate the event.

Topics like backup in all its varieties and archiving always seem to be problematic when talking to customers, so I’ll keep my eyes open for new and enhanced solutions to ideally support our customers.

It’s also a great to check out completely new vendors and solutions even outside my main field of interest.

It’s not too late, take the chance an register!


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