VMworld 2013 & vSphere 5.5

So if you were wondering why I haven’t blogged anything about vSphere 5.5 or VMworld 2013 yet, there is a simple reason. I went to VMworld 2013 in San Francisco as a visitor for my employer and not as a blogger. And I know there are much great blogs out there which will be blogging about the new stuff like hell. So I just enjoyed the event and of course the city San Francisco. And now? I’m still over here in the United States down in New Mexico to visit some friends who live here. That’s the reason why I haven’t blogged anything about vSphere 5.5 so far. Also I decided that I won’t write a dedicated post about all the new configuration maximums, features, etc.

Vladan Seget (vladan.fr) who attended to VMworld 2013 as blogger, put together a bunch of good posts about all the new stuff, so please allow me to send you over to the vSphere 5.5 section on his website.

Of course you can expect some blog posts about the new features as soon as I got my hands on the stuff an when I were able to gather some experiences with it.

So stay tuned, there will follow some new posts soon.

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