vSphere 5.5 – Central SSO & Web Client – Single Pange of Glass Management 3

In my last post I wrote about the multi-site deployment of the vCenter Single Sign On server and how to achieve a single pane of glass to manage multiple vCenter servers using Linked Mode. Today I discussed the topic with a colleague and me tough it’s worth also sharing the outcome.

The discussed was about achieving the single pane of glass without using Linked Mode for the participating vCenter servers and indeed there is also an option to achieve exactly this.

This deployment foresees to install the vSphere Web Client as well as the Single Sign On server on a dedicated (virtual) machine to act as central component for multiple vCenter servers. All vCenter servers which should be a part of your central management pane will use these central components instead of a local installation. The vCenter server and the Inventory service will be installed locally as usual. The database for the vCenter server can be local or also a central (high available) database.

vCenterDeploymentOverSource: VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Deployment Guide

When installing the vSphere Web Client you simply connect to the locally installed SSO server and when going through the vCenter server installation you connect to the central system which hosts the SSO as well as the Web Client.

vCenterSSOConnectionI just wanted to share that this is also a possible deployment which could be absolutely sufficient to “link” multiple vCenter servers together in a single pane of glass. I’m going to cover a high available SSO & Web client deployment in a dedicated post.

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